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Virtual Desktops Community Newsletter 23rd February – 9th March 2023

Welcome to this news blog post from the official Microsoft Virtual Desktops global community. In this newsletter, we will take you along with all the community and partner news over the past few weeks news.


Nerdio recently held their yearly NerdioCon conference in Cancun Mexico! It was a great event which lots of awesome announcements, including support for Intune and Application Lifecylce Management for NME. You can see what you missed here:


The Ultimate Hack for RDP Shortpath

Dean Cefola has created a great video in which he describes a scenario where you would use the TURN Protocol with STUN to fit a symmetric NAT issue. These types of issues can occur if you are using NAT Gateways and Azure Firewalls within your environment. To learn more check out Dean’s video here –

What is RDP Shortpath for AVD Managed Networks and How to Use It

Travis Roberts has released a new video in which he describes with RDP Shortpath for Managed Networks is. In the video he describes the feature and shows how to implement and test it. You can view his video here –

Enable Azure Disk Encryption on an AVD session host using a Nerdio scripted action

Johan Vanneuville has released a blog post in which he describes how to enable azure disk encryption on a session host using Nerdio Scripted Actions. If you want to secure your data for compliance and security then this is definetly a recommended configuration to apply! You can read his blog post here –

Azure Virtual Desktop – Start VM on Connect

Moe Kinani has created a blog post in which he describes how to configure Start VM on Connect for AVD. Start VM on Connect is a great feature of AVD which allows you to really drive down the cost of session hosts by only powering them on whe needed. You can read Moe’s blog post here –—start-vm-on-connect


FSLogix 2210 Hotfix 1 Released

Microsoft have released FSLogix 2210 Hotfix 1 which addresses some of the major issues regarding identity which were identified as part of the 2210 release. If you are using 2210 then we strongly advise that you update to Hotfix 1 release ASAP. You can read more info here –

Azure Virtual Desktop Insights at Scale Released

Microsoft have released AVD Insights at Scale to GA. This AVD Insights update allows you to report across multiple host pools, resource groups and subscriptions at once. It also enables round rip time reporting by gateway region, updated details for region and idle session host reporting and the ability to search for users across host pools. You can read more information here –

Azure NetApp Files Support for 2TiB Capacity Pools

Microsoft have announced that Azure NetApp Files now supports 2TiB capacity pools as a minimum. The minimum requirement used to be 2TiB so this is great news as it lowers the barrier for entry to use Azure NetApp Files from a cost perspective. You can learn more here –

Public preview of Uniform Resource Identity Schemes for the Remote Desktop Client

Microsoft have announced that the public preview of Uniform Resource Identifier schemes are now available for the Remote Desktop Client. The 2 new schemes available are ms-avd, and ms-rd. The enables customers to provide direct links to use specified AVD resources, i.e. RemoteApps and Desktops. This will allow users to launch resources without having to subscribe to a feed.

Remote Desktop Client v1.2.4065 released

Micosoft have released v1.2.4065 for all users. The new Remote Desktop Client includes multiple fixes to existing issues. You can view more info here –