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Virtual Desktops Community Newsletter 2nd February – 9th February 2023

Welcome to this news blog post from the official Microsoft Virtual Desktops global community. In this newsletter, we will take you along with all the community and partner news over the past few weeks news.


Shabaz Darr has released a video onto YouTube where he gives an introductory video on the up and coming NerdioCon 2023 Conference which will be held in Cancun, Mexico! If you want to know what the conference is about and what to expect then give his video a watch. You can watch it here –


Azure Virtual Desktop Host pool update strategy via a Blue-Green deployment.

Patrick van den Born has written an excellent blog post on how to update your AVD Host pools by using a blue-green deployment method. Patrick describes the method and explains the process for keeping your host pools up to date using this method. You can read his post here – Azure Virtual Desktop Host pool update strategy via a Blue-Green deployment. (

FSLogic Black Screen issue

Morten Pedholt has shared a nice tip on twitter where he describes an issue with the latest FSLogix client which is causing a black screen on sign-on. The fix is to disable the Recycle Bin Roaming which was a new feature introduced in the latest client. A hotfix is being worked on to resolve the issue.

Next level GPU performance in Azure: How AVD & Nerdio enables productive engineering

Myself and Michel Roth recently delivered a webinar on the latest GPU Capabilities for Azure Virtual Desktop. During the webinar we explained the different skus, what they are capable of and gave a demo running a GPU VM on a Multi-session host running Autodesk Revit. You can watch the recording of the webinar here:

Azure Virtual Desktop’s Latest Capabilities

Thomas Marcussen has written a really detailed blog post in which he describes the latest Azure Virtual Desktop capabilities, why you would use AVD and some of the new intune capabilities which have been introduced. You can view his post here –


Announcing General Availability of Multimedia Redirection (MMR) on Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft have announced that Multimedia Redirection on AVD has now gone GA! This is a feature which has been in public preview for a while now so its great to see it GA. MMR will redirect any media content on your client, which improves the user experience, but also saves memory and CPU on the session host. By default it has been tested with the most high traffic websites on the internet, but can also be used on all websites also. You can check out the full details here –

Announcing public preview symmetric NAT support for RDP Shortpath

Rinku Dalwani from Microsoft has announced the public preview of symmetric NAT Support for RDP Shortpath. Symmetric NAT allows you to establish a UDP Connection indirectly, using relay with the TURN (Traversal Using Relays around NAT) protocol. You can view more info here –

Remote Desktop Client v1.2.3918 released

Microsoft have released the Remote Desktop Client v1.2.3918. This client adds support for Universal Plug and Play over UDP, a few bug fixes and bug fixes for Teams and Multimedia Redirection. You can view more details here –