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Virtual Desktops Community Newsletter 19th January – 26th January 2023

Welcome to this news blog post from the official Microsoft Virtual Desktops global community. In this newsletter, we will take you along with all the community and partner news over the past few weeks news.


Nerdio have announced that they are doing a joint webinar alongside Michel Roth who is an AVD Specialist who works for Microsoft. Neil & Michel will be discussing the use case for using a vGPU Desktop in AVD and how it can really help drive and accelerate engineering workloads in Azure.

You can sign up for the webinar here –[email protected]bf41674ec


Az.AVD Updated to 2.5.0

Sander Rozemuller has shared that he has updated the AVD PowerShell Module to v2.5.0. In this update Sander has introduced lots of new commands for managing AVD Insights and much more. You can view more information aboutt his and download it here –

Getting Started With Automated Image Builds in Azure

James Kindon has written an absolutely outstanding article which describes how you can automate your image build using various tools including Azure DevOps, Packer, Chocolatey and much more. He also explains the benefits of automating your image builds. You can view his post here –

Calculate required Bandwidth using RDAnalyzer

Jakob Davidson has created a blog post in which he describes how to calculate how much bandwith is required for AVD Sessions. In his blog post he describes how to leverage an application called Remote Desktop Analyzer which will monitor the current bandwith consumpution, so we can export those results to see how much bandwith our users are using. Great tool! You can view his blogpost here –

Azure Virtual Desktop Sign-in without access to ADFS

Roy Apalnes has created a blog post in which he describes how Azure AD Join enables the SSO Capability without the requirement for deploying ADFS within your environment! To read more about the use case, check out his blog post here –

Windows 365

PSCloudPC updated to v1.0.4

Stefan Dingemanse has shared that he has updated the PSCloudPC PowerShell module to v1.0.4. In this version they have resolved some bugs and integrated 5 new cmdlets! You can view more info here –

Create Windows 365 Azure Network Connections with PowerShell

David Brook has written a great blog post in which he goes into detail about how to create a W365 Network Connection in Azure whilst using PowerShell. You can read his post here –

Windows 365 Cloud PC & Azure Virtual Desktop – Disk Cleanup using Storage Sense – Intune Configuration Policies

Aresh Sarkari has written a blog post in which he describes how to configure Storage Sense on your W365 Devices using Intune. Storage Sense is a utility which can help reduce wasted disk space on your devices by deleting temporary files and emptying the recycle bin. You can check out his blog post on the topic here –

AMA: Windows 365 and the end user experience – January 2023

Microsoft recently hosted a Ask Me Anything session where they discussed Windows 365 and the End User Experience. They have some great discussions so definetly worth a watch! You can check out the recording here:


Microsoft Teams application window sharing is now generally available on Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft have announced that application window sharing is now available in AVD! This enables users to share specific windows within their AVD Sessions, rather than the full desktop. To view more info on the feature and the requirements then head over here –

Remote Desktop Client updated to 1.2.3916 for Insider Build

Microsoft have updated the Remote Desktop Client to v1.2.3916 for Insiders. The build contains new features and bug fixes including support for Universal Plug and Play for improved UDP Connectivity, fixes and imporvements for Teams background effects, and various Multimedia Redirection improvements. You can view more info here –