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Virtual Desktops Community Newsletter 8th December – 15th December 2022

Welcome to this news blog post from the official Microsoft VirtualDesktops global community. In this newsletter, we will take you along with all the community and partner news over the past few weeks news,


Nerdio have announced that they have secured $117 Million of Series B funding which will help grow the company and take it to the next level!! This is a very exciting time for Nerdio who seems to be going from strength to strength as a company. Lots of great things to come!


UK Citrix User Group combining with UK AVD User Group

The UK Citrix User Group, and the UK AVD User Group have announced that they are joining forces to create the EUC Forum! We are really excited by this and it means we can deliver more relevant content, and have more meetings due to increased demand. To view more info go here –

Azure Virtual Desktop Black Screen Fixed

Roy Apalnes has shared a blog post in which he shows how he had an issue with a black screen whilst logging into a AVD Desktop. In the post he explained the issue and how he fixed it. You can read his post here –

Microsoft Teams Optimization in a Virtual Desktop

The team over at Go-EUC have shared some excellent results of some testing they performed on Teams whilst using Azure Virtual Desktop, Cloud PC and Citrix. The results are quite interesting! I won’t spoil the fun bit head over to to see how they compare in different environments

Create a Host Pool, Application Group and Workspace for RemoteApp aka Published Applications

Aresh Sarkari has written a blog post in which he shares how to remote various AVD Resources using PowerShell. If you are looking to automate your AVD Deployment then this is a great resource to use. You can read more here –

GPU Partitioning

Alvin Morales has shared a video on YouTube where he shares the new GPU-P capabilities for Azure Stack HCI 22H2. This feature allows you to split your GPU out between VMs running on Azure Stack HCI. You can also read more about it here –

Windows 365

Windows 365 Enterprise and Intune Management Udemy Course

Travis Roberts and Dean Ellerby have announced that they have created a Windows 365 Enterprise Intune Management course on Udemy! You can use this course to learn anything you will never need to know about W365 and Intune!! You can view the course details here –

Asia Windows 365 User Group – December 2022 Event

The Asia Windows 365 User Group have shared their December 2022 event on YouTube. During the event they shared the latest W365 News, information about W365 Security Compliance, and also W365 Reporting. You can view their video here:

What You Need To Know About Windows 365 Lifecycle

Thomas Marcussen has shared a really detailed blog post in which he describes the various lifeycles policies of Windows 365 which include provisioning, configuring, protect, monitor and deprovision. You can read is post here –


FSLogix 2210 GA

Microsoft have announced that FSLogix 2210 has gone GA. This feature includes VHD Disk Compaction, a user based AppX package manifest and a roaming recycle bin. You can check out the full release notes here –

New AVD Client

Tom Hickling has announced that a new version of the Remote Desktop Client has been published to the insider build. The new client version is 1.2.3770 and includes mainly fixes. You can view more information here –

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