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Virtual Desktops Community Newsletter 2nd December – 8th December 2022

Welcome to this news blog post from the official Microsoft VirtualDesktops global community. In this newsletter, we will take you along with all the community and partner news over the past few weeks news,


How to Package and Test Apps using Rimo3

Dominiek Verham has shared a blog post in which he goesd through the process of packaging an app using Rimo 3 and then exporting it to Intune or Nerdio. Its a really indepth guide so great job Dominiek!! You can view his post here –

Deploy Private Endpoints for AVD with Terraform

Johan Vanneuville has written a blog post in which he shares information about how to deploy Private Endpoints for AVD using Terraform. This is a relatively new feature for AVD but is very useful if you want an extra layer of security. You can view his blog post here –

Azure AD Join fro Azure Files YouTube video

Mahammad Kubaib has released a YouTube video where he discusses how the Azure AD Join feature of Azure Files works. It’s a great walkthrough so Kudos Mahmmad for putting in the time and effort to create this video! You can view the video here:

Windows 365

Deploy the Windows 365 app via WinGet – Intune to your Managed endpoints (via the Microsoft Store)

Christian Brinkhoff has released a video to YouTube in which he shows you how you can deploy applications in WinGet via intune!! This is a new capability from Microsoft and makes it much easier to deploy apps. You can watch the video here:

Windows 365 App Experience | Cloud PC Application for Windows

Vidya M A recently wrote a blog post in which he shared the new Windows 365 App Experience which is currently in public preview. You can read more info here –

Windows 365 Public Roadmap

The Asia W365 Cloud PC User Group recently held their meetup and shared the latest Windows 365 Public Roadmap. I thought I was share it here as it shows some nice up and coming features


Announcing general availability of RDP Shortpath

Microsoft have announced the GA of RDP Shortpath for Public Networks. RDP Shortpath has been in public preview for a while now so its great to finally set it go to GA. If you are not sure what this is, it enables the capability to use a direct UDP Connection to your AVD Desktop so greatly increases the end user experience. You can view full details here –

Confidential Virtual Machine support for Azure Virtual Desktop now in Public Preview

Steve Downs from Microsoft has announced that Confidental VM support for AVD is now in Public Preview!! Azure Confidental Mavhines increases data privacy and security by protecting the data in use. They use a hardware based Trusted Exectuion Environment inside the AMD processors to do this. You can view more details here –

Azure Virtual Desktop Metadata Database is now available in India

Tom Hickling has announced that AVD Metadata Database is now available in India! This new capability allows us to locate your AVD objects within India so that data will stay within the region. This allows those customers who need all the metadata to stay within the India region to be fully compliant. You can view more details here –

Announcing public preview of AVD Insights at Scale

Microsoft have announced public preview of AVD Insights at Scale. AVD Insights now gives you the capability fo review performance and diagnostic information across multiple host pools in one single view. You can read more about it here –