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Virtual Desktops Community Newsletter 15th December – 29th December 2022

Welcome to this news blog post from the official Microsoft VirtualDesktops global community. In this newsletter, we will take you along with all the community and partner news over the past few weeks news,


Nerdio have announced that they have released v4.6 of their Nerdio Manager for Enterprise product into Public Preview. The release contains a tonne of new features including:

  1. Nerdio SQL Database Fault Tolerace –  Replicate Nerdio Manager SQL database using failover groups to mitigate the risk of Azure SQL database outages.
  2. Custom RemoteApp Maintenance Tasks – Run custom actions and specify a schedule when enabling RemoteApp maintenance mode.
  3. Geographically distribute MSIX App Attach Images – Upload MSIX AppAttach packages to multiple linked file shares. When adding applications, the package in the file share closest to the host pool’s region is prioritized to reduce latency.
  4. RDP Settings Profiles – Create global RDP profiles for quick assignment to new and existing host pools. Apply profiles directly from host pool properties or the host pool creation page.
  5. Auto-shrink Administrative Notifications – Administrators can now choose to be notified when Auto-shrink enabled desktops are scheduled for removal.

There are many more features for which you can review the full release notes here –


AVD Tech Fest Announcement

Simon Binder and Patrick Kohler have announced that AVD Tech Fest will be returning for 2023!! They are still working on a location and specific dates but it’s great to see it returning! This was one of my favourite events for 2022 so really looking forward to this one!

Troubleshoot Your Azure Virtual Desktop environment

Ivo Berrens has shared a cool litte tool called MSRDC Collect. This is a tool which Microsft CSS uses to troubleshoot AVD Environments. The tool collects lots of information about your environment which can be used for troubleshooting issues. Definetly a nice utility to have in your toolset! You can view more information about it here –

4 Questions about Azure Virtual Desktop and ControlUp That You Should Know

Trentent Tye from ControlUp has released a podcast episode on the ControlUp podcast which discusses the benefits of using ControlUp for Azure Virtual Desktop. You can give it a listen here –

Windows 365 Cloud PC

A comprehensive guide on placing a Windows 365 Cloud PC under review + Azure Storage Account details

Aresh Sarkari has shared a blog post in which he discusses the Review feature of Windows 365 and its impact on Azure Storage Accounts. The review feature allows you to take a copy of a Windows 365 Cloud PC in case you need to review the logs, or anything else on the device for say forensic evidence, or illegal employee activity. You can read more about the feature and how to use it here –

How to configure alerts for Windows 365 activity in Intune

Niall Brady has shared a blog post in which he discusses how to configure Alerts for Windows 365 which can inform you of issues within the Windows 365 environment. In the post Niall shows you how to configure the alerts, and the type of alerts which are available. You can read his post here –

Configure Single Sign-on SSO for Windows 365 Azure AD Join

Jitesh Kumar has shared a blog post in which he discusses how to configre SSO for Windows 365 Azure AD Join. This is new feature which has gone into public preview and allows you to connect to your Windows 365 device without prompting for credentials. You can read his post here –