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Virtual Desktops Community News Blog Post 3rd November – 10th November

Welcome to this news blog post from the official Microsoft VirtualDesktops global community. In this newsletter, we will take you along with all the community and partner news over the past 2 weeks


Nerdio have released their new NME product into GA!! Nerdio Manager for Enterprise v4.4 comes with lots of new features including Azure Capacity extender, Global Search Bar, RBAC Scope for Images, Auto-start hosts for maintenance, Remote Apps Maintenance mode and much more! You can read the full release notes here –


Azure Virtual Desktop Private Link

Dean Cefola has released one of his awesome videos in which he gives an overview of the new Azure Virtual Desktop Private Link Capability. This feature allows you to put Azure Virtual Desktop behind a private endpoint which is much more secure. You can view his video here:

Windows 365 News

Windows 365 as a Jump Host to Azure?

Roy Apalnes has shared a blog post in which he discusses the use of a Cloud PC acting as a jump box so you can access manage your Azure estate. You can read his post here

PowerShell – Create and Assign Windows 365 Cloud PC – User Settings

Aresh Sarkari has written a blog post in which he shows you how to create and assign Windows 365 Cloud PC user settings using PowerShell. In the post he goes over the Graph API Configuration and shows how to configure the user settings. You can view his post here –

Interviewing a Windows 365 MVP—sharing experiences

Christian Brinkhoff recently had a chat with fellow MVP Ola Strom. In the chat they had a talk about W365, best pratices, deployment ticks and tricks and more. You can watch the episode here:

How to Backup and Restore Windows 365 Cloud PC | Point-in-time Restore Option

Microsoft recently launched the capability to backup and restore your Windoes 365 Desktop, and restore the desktops to certain points in time. Jitesh Kumar has written a blog post discussing the capability here –


Public Preview of Private Link for AVD

Microsoft have annoucned that Private Link for Azure Virtual Desktp is in public preview! This feature enables customers to remain on trusted private networks and increases security. You can view more information here –

FSLogix profiles for Azure AD-Joined VMs in AVD is now GA

Microsoft have announced the GA of using FSLogix profiles with Azure AD-Joined VMs for hybrid users in AVD. This means we can access file shares from Azjre-AD Joined VMs and use them for FSLogix profiles. You can read the full release notes here –

Microsoft Intune user scope configuration for AVD Multi-session VMs is now GA

Microsoft have announced that Intune user-scope configuration for Windows 11 multi-session hosts is now GA. This will be good news for those peopel who want to use native Azure AD. You can read all about it here –

Point-in-Time Restore for Windows 365 Enterprise

Microsoft have announced that Point-in-Time Restore for Windows 365 Enterprise is now available. This capability lets you restore a Cloud PC to an extact state at an earlier time. You can read the release notes here –