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Virtual Desktops Community news Blog Post 11th August – 25th August 2022

Welcome to the 48th Azure Virtual Desktop community newsletter! We now released our newsletter every other Thursday to get a wider reach and give you the ability to engage with us in a better way!

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Nerdio have announced that their annual conference has now officially open for registration! Nerdiocon 2023 will be held in Cancun Mexico, starting February 27th, and ending on the March 3rd. If you are into AVD and Nerdio then this is a must attend event! Sign up and register here – NerdioCon 2023 in Cancun, Mexico – Register Now!


The Feature EVERY AVD Admin Has Been Waiting For…

The Azure Academy has released a new video which shows the new capability of 100% Cloud Native Azure AD Single Sign-on! In this video Dean explains the new feature, discusses SSO, Hybrid Join and WebaAuthN. You can watch his awesome video here:

You can also find full instructions on how to enable it here – Configure single sign-on for Azure Virtual Desktop – Azure | Microsoft Docs

Azure Virtual Desktop – You can enable single sign-on and password less for AVD (preview)

On the back of the announcement from Microsoft Benoit Hamet has written a blogpost in which he gives an overview of the latest announcement from Microsoft in which you can now use SSO and Windows Hello to log onto Azure Virtual Desktop! In his post he describes the feature, how to enable it and the user experience. You can check out his post here –

How to configure RDP properties for a Host Pool – Display settings

Jorge Bernhardt has written a blog post in which he describes how to configure the display settings for a host pool using PowerShell. He goes through a few different settings including multi monitors, screen modes, smart sizing and more. You can read his post here – How to configure RDP properties for a Host Pool – Display settings » Jorge Bernhardt

IMS Payroll not opening as a published application in Azure Virtual Desktop

Luke Murray, a Microsoft MVP from New Zealand shared a quick tip with an issue he encountered when using an application called IMS Payroll running on Azure Virtual Desktop. The application had some screen settings hardcoded into the application which was stopping it from displaying. Luke shared his troubleshooting methods here, useful tips for other apps which also may have similar issues also 🙂 You can read his post here –

Enabling / Fixing PDF Preview for Outlook on Windows 10

Luis Henrique Demetrio has written a post on Microsoft Tech Community where he had an issue with previewing PDF Files when using Outlook on Windows 10. You can find a description of the problem and a fix here – Enabling / Fixing PDF Preview for Outlook on Windows 10 – Microsoft Tech Community


Single sign-on and passwordless authentication for Azure Virtual Desktop

David Belanger from Microsoft has announced that they have released SSO and passwordless authentication for Azure Virtual Desktop into the Insider preview build of Windows 11 22H2. This feature will allow you to authenticate to your AVD session without having to use any passwords using SSO, or using Windows Hello! You can view more information around the feature here –

RDP Shortpath for public networks in Azure Virtual Desktop

Rinku Dalwani has shared that Microsoft are released the RDP Shortpath feature into General Availability on the 6th September. This feature has been in public preview for a while now so it’s great to see if go to GA. It will be enabled by default on all hosts but can be controlled via Group Policy. You can find more information about it here –

Windows Desktop Client updated to v1.2.3491 on the Insider Build

Microsoft have updated the Windows Desktop Client to 1.2.3491 for the insider build. This version includes fixes for the colour contract, connection information and fixes for Teams. You can view more info here –