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Virtual Desktops Community Weekly Blog Post 9th June 2022 – 23rd June 2022

Welcome to the 44th Azure Virtual Desktop community newsletter! We now released our newsletter on Thursdays to get a wider reach and give you the ability to engage with us in a better way!

Community Stats



Nerdio are very happy to welcome 2 new Nerdio NVP’s to the program! We have welcomed Johan Vannueville from Belgium, and Dominiek Verham! Welcome to the programme and looking forward to interacting with you both much more!


IGEL have announced IGEL Cloud PC Edition! IGEL Cloud PC. The Cloud PC Edition is a pre-configured version of IGEL OS which is optimized for W365 Cloud PC. It instantly boots into Windows 365 Cloud PC and supports high-performance unified communications with audio and video offloading! You can read more about it here –


New Cloud Academy Course – Configuring Apps on Session Hosts

Shabaz Darr has announced that he has released his new Cloud Academy course which is all about Configuring Apps on Session Hosts for AVD! In the course he discusses how to configure MSIX App Attach, Deploying RemoteApps, Configuring App Groups and much more! You can sign up for his course here – Configuring Apps on a Session Host in Azure Virtual Desktop Course | Cloud Academy

Azure Orphan Resources

Dolev Shor from Microsoft has released a Workbook which shows all your orphaned resources within Azure. Orphaned resources will most likely be costing you money so this workbook is ideal for ensuring that you don’t have any wasted resources that you don’t need to be paying fro. You can view more info on it here –

Azure Disk Encryption via Bicep

Niels Kok has shared a great post about how he has managed to configure Azure Disk Encryption for AVD Hosts via Bicep. In the post he shares the VM Extension he used and then an example of how to deployed it. You can see his post here – AzureDiskEncryption via Bicep – NielsKok.Tech

FSLogix and APP-V

Philip McLoughlin from Microsoft has shared a quick tip around FSLogix and App-V. I’m not going to spoil the fun but if you are running FSLogix and App-V then you should check out his quick tip here –

Azure Virtual Desktop Location redirection

The AVDPunks have released a new blog post in which they discuss a new feature which is Azure Virtual Desktop Location Redirection!! This feature allows you to configure your location so whatever location your are connecting from is reflected in the host pool, rather than the host pool location itself. This is useful for local weather, news and map searches. You can read more about it here – Azure Virtual Desktop x Location redirection #WhereAmI | Welcome to AVDpunks

Dell Azure Stack HCI Resources

Dell has released a few whitepapers and design guides around deploying and implementing Azure Stach HCI for AVD on Dell Hardware. This is a great resource and you should definetly check it out if you are thinking of running Azure Stack HCI for your AVD Workloads. You can check out a link to the resources here –


Remote Desktop Client v1.2.3313 released

Microsoft have released v1.2.3313 of the Remote Desktop Client to the insider ring! This version contains various fixes and improvements to Microsoft Teams. You can view more info here – What’s new in the Windows Desktop client | Microsoft Docs

Public preview of the Azure Virtual Desktop metadata service in Australia

Microsoft have announced that they have launched a new metadata location in Australia!! This is great news from a compliance and availability point of view. I know of a few deployments, especially in the goverment and security space who were previously blocked by this. You can view more info about it here –