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Virtual Desktops Community Weekly Blog Post 7th April – 14th April 2022

Welcome to the 37th Azure Virtual Desktop community newsletter! We now released our newsletter on Thursdays to get a wider reach and give you the ability to engage with us in a better way!

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Toby Skerrit from Foundation IT has written a great post on how to use Nerdio Scripted Actions to manage configurations in your environment and help resolve problems. In this blog post he walks us through a specific issuer he was having and then how he used Nerdio to resolve this issue. You can read all about it here –

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It’s not long now until IGEL Disrupt!! I will be there alongisde my colleages Vadim Vladimirsky and Joseph Landes! If you are at the London event make sure you come and say hi!


UK AVD Virtual Desktop User Group Meeting

The UK AVD User Group have announced their May meeting which will be held in Central London. They have scheduled a one off event where they have invited Vadim Vladimirskiy who is the CEO of Nerdio, Jim Moyle, Senior Product Manager for Azure Virtual Desktop and Tom Hickling who is the Senior Product Manager for Azure Virtual Desktop. It’s going to be a total Geek Fest with lots of great discussions about AVD where it is today, and where it’s going in the future. You can sign up for the event here –

UK Azure Virtual Desktop User Group - May 2022 Meeting

Azure Virtual Desktop – What is RTT?

The AVD Punks have written a great blog post which goes into detail around RTT, what it is and how it affects your desktop experience. They also explain how to optimize and troubleshoot it. It’s a really well written post and goes into great detail so you have a better understanding of what RTT is. You can check out the post here –


Setting up Azure Monitor with Log Analytics for Azure Virtual Desktop

Terence Luk has written a very detailed blog post on how to create and configure Azure Monitor with Log Analytics for Azure Virtual Desktop. In the post he goes through all the steps required and what information you can get from it. You can read his post here –

Dean Cefola presents Rimo3!

Dean Cefola from the Azure Academy has created a brilliant video in which he presents the Rimo3 offering, what it does and its advantages. Dean presents it in his usual awesome style so give it a watch to learn more about Rimo3 and how they can help you migrate your applications to AVD!


RDP Shortpath for public networks enters public preview

Microsoft have announced that they have released RDP Shortpath over public networks into public preview!! This feature enables you to use the UDP Protocol for your AVD Connections over the public internet. Previously this was only available if you had Azure VPN connections. The UDP Protocol should perform much better than TCP in most scenarios so this should held your end user experience. Give it a try and read more about it here –

Scheduled Agent Updates

Microsoft have announced that you can now schedule Agent updates for Azure Virtual Desktop. This has been a big pain point for many customers as the hosts are temporarily unavailable whilst the agents are being applied. Read more about it here –

What’s is new in Azure Virtual Desktop for March 2022

Microsoft have created a What’s new in Azure Virtual Desktop for March 2022. In this update they share updates to Teams with Live Captions, Multimedia Redirection Enhancements and FSLogix updates. You can check out the updates here –