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Virtual Desktops Community Weekly Blog Post 31st March – 7th April 2022

Welcome to the 36th Azure Virtual Desktop community newsletter! We now released our newsletter on Thursdays to get a wider reach and give you the ability to engage with us in a better way!

Community Stats



Nerdio have release v4.0 of their Nerdio Manager for Enterprise product This product has 20 new features including a new premium edition, Azure Log Analytics optimization, Windows 365 point-in-time restores and much more! You can view more info here –


Microsoft AVD Hostpool RDP Properties – Would that be an enforced policy or a preference? Know your risks! – How could IGEL OS help to mitigate risks?

Fredrik Brattstig has shared a blog post in which he describes how you can use IGEL OS to securely apply AVD Policy settings like clipboard redirection. A very interesting read indeed! You can read it here – Microsoft AVD Hostpool RDP Properties – Would that be an enforced policy or a preference? Know your risks! – How could IGEL OS help to mitigate risks? – VirtualBrat


Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft are hosting an Azure Virtual Desktop Training Day on the 26th April. As part of this event you will learn how to plan and deploy a full Azure Virtual Desktop environment. You can get signed up and register here – Microsoft Event (

Microsoft Teams Support of Transcription on Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft have announced that Transcription for Teams will soon be available on Azure Virtual Desktop! This will be available around June 2022 so keep your eye out for this feature! You can read more about it here – Microsoft 365 Roadmap – See What’s Coming | Microsoft 365

Rimo3 now available on the Azure Marketplace

Rimo3 have announced that their product is now available on the Azure Marketplace! Rimo3 is an automated pre-deployment testing tool which can provide smoke testing for your applications. For those migrating onto AVD and have hundreds of applications that you want to smoke test for compatability you should definetly be taking a look at Rimo3.

AppCure now available on the Azure Marketplace

And whilst we are on the subject of applicatons and Azure marketplace AppCure have also announced that they are now on the marketplace! AppCure are masters at capturing and packaging applications ready to be delivered onto Windows 10, or 11. So if you are migrating lots of applications onto AVD then you definetly need to be speaking to these guys also!

Windows 365 News

Windows 365 New Features

Microsoft held a “Windows Powers the Future of Hybrid Work” virtual event this weekn in which they announced some pretty cool Windows 365 new features. You can watch a replay of the event here but in summary here are the new features which were announced:

  1. Windows 365 Boot – Users can boot directly into Windows 365 straight from their devices
  2. Windows 365 App – You can pin your Cloud Desktop App to your Windows 11 Taskbar for easy access
  3. Windows 365 Switch – Users can easily switch between their local desktop and their Windows 365 Desktop
  4. Windows 365 Offline – Users can work on their Cloud PCs offline (note this is still in Development)

Windows 365 Technical Overview

Toby Skerritt from Foundation IT has written a nice blog post in which he discusses Windows 365 in deep technical detail. In his post he goes over all the features, what’s its like from an end user perspective and the process of subscribing to a desktop. Great Post Toby! You can read it here – Windows 365 (Cloud PC) Technical Overview (


Make it easier to connect to Cloud PCs

Ola Strom has written a blog post in which he goes through the steps to configure the auto-subscribe feature via MEM for Cloud PC desktops! This mean’s that you can easily package up the AVD Client via MEM and then deploy the configurations automatically so your Windows 365/Cloud PC users do not have to install any clients or subscribe to their feed. Great post Ola! You can read the post here – Make it easier to connect to Cloud PCs –