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Virtual Desktops Community Weekly Blog Post 24th March – 31st March 2022

Welcome to the 35th Azure Virtual Desktop community newsletter! We now released our newsletter on Thursdays to get a wider reach and give you the ability to engage with us in a better way!

Community Stats


Nerdio & IGEL

Nerdio are very proud to announce that they are a platinum sponsor for the 2022 IGEL Disrupt tour!! The tour will take place throughout 2022 covering many cities across the world! To view more information on where we will and on what dates then please visit here –


Automate Building Custom Windows Images For Azure Virtual Desktop With Packer And GitHub Actions

Michael Schneering has written a great blog post in which he discusses how to combine GitHub actions and Packer and Terraform to manage your Azure Virtual Desktop images. For all you automation geeks this should be right up your street! Give it a read here –

Sample workflow summary

Optimize the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) golden image automatically

Ivo Beerens has also written a guide on image management, this time on how to optimize your golden images automatically. In the blog post he describes how to use the Virtual Desktop Optimization Tool (VDOT) to optimize your images. You can read his post here –

Domain join account for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Alex Durrant has written a blogpost on ow to create a domain join account for Azure Virtual Desktop. This is definetly a welcome blog post as it’s a question I personally get asked often so it’s nice to have something to point people to! Great job Alex 🙂 You can read his post here –

Dedicated Hosts with AVD: Easy as 1,2,3

John Kelbley has written a blog post in which he describes how to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop hosts onto dedicated hosts in Azure. You may need this for performance or regulatory requirements. You can read more about it in his post here –

Why the NVads A10 v5 series lowers AVD costs even further

Micel Roth has written a post on LinkedIn where he explains the features of the new Nvidia A10 GPU’s and how they affect cost and scalability for your Azure Virtual Desktop environment. It’s a great read and definetly one you should check out here –


Azure Virtual Desktop Client v1.2.3004 released

Microsoft have released an updated Remote Desktop Client. The new client includes lots of fixes and improved Multimedia Redirection support for a few more sites. You can read more about the updates here –

FSLogix 2201 (2.9.8111.53415) released

Microsoft have announced the availability of FSLogix 2201. This version includes improvements to login and logoff times, clouc cache performance imporvements and 30+ accessibility updates. You can read more about that updates and fixes here –

Multimedia Imporvements

Microsoft have made some imrovements to their multimedia redirection capabilities. The main difference is that now more sites are compatible with MRR. More information is available here –

The current site list is:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Fox Sports
  • IMDB
  • Sites with embedded YouTube videos, such as Medium, Udacity, Los Angeles Times, and so on.
  • Teams Live Events (on web)
  • Currently, Teams live events aren’t media-optimized for Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. MMR is a short-term workaround for a smoother Teams live events playback on Azure Virtual Desktop.
  • MMR supports Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) for Teams live events.

AVD Web Client improvements

Microsoft have announced a few new improvements in their web client. These improvements include new shortcuts, support for native resolution on high-dpi devices, removed support for IE and much more. You can view more here –