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Virtual Desktops Community Weekly Blog Post 13th January 2022 – 20th January 2022

Welcome to the 25th Azure Virtual Desktop community newsletter! We now release our newsletter on Thursdays to get a wider reach and give you the ability to engage with us in a better way!

Community Stats



Windows 365 Licensing

Nerdio have released further details around their latest integration with Windows 365. They can now save customers up to 55% on Windows 365 licensing costs using their various methods of licene amanagement. You can view more info at their website here –

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How to Use Shared Workspace on IGEL OS – Video

IGEL have shared a video in which Sebastian Perusat goes through an installation of the IGEL Shared Workspace solution. IGEL Shared Worksplace allows user-dependent configuration using the IGEL UMS profiles linked to AD User Accounts. You can watch the video here:


AVD Tech Fest

The AVD Tech Fest team have announced that their next event will be on April 20-21st 2022!! The event will be held in Amsterdam at the Hilton Amsterdam Schipol!! If you want to present then you can submit your sessions here –


Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class

Microsoft have scheduled an Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class which you can sign up for here. This is a free event consisting of 5 different sessions. If you want to learn some new stuff this is a great class to sign up for! Register here –

AVD Health Checks using Azure Portal | Monitoring | KQL Queries

Anoop C Nair has written a blog post in which he shows you how to perform AVD Health Checks using the Azure Portal. In the post he discusses the various options, what you can monitor and a few examples. You can read his post here –

 Azure Virtual Desktop - AVD Errors Table - WVDErrors

They don’t want you to know Azure Security

Dean Cefola from the Azure Academy has produced a great video on some best security pratices in Azure Virtual Desktop which covers network security, identity security and session host security. It’s a great video to watch so check it out here:

Using PowerShell to get the Windows version

Guy Leech shared a nice tip on twitter around determine whether a Windows 10 OS is single session or multi-session. The code to use is: gcim Win32_OperatingSystem|select caption,producttype,OSProductSuite


ControlUp AVD Capability Beta

ControlUp have announced their Real-Time DX v8.6 beta which has built in integration with Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop. If you are interested in kicking the tyres then you can apply to be a beta tester here –

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