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Virtual Desktops Community Weekly Blog Post 2nd December – 16th December

Welcome to the 20th Azure Virtual Desktop community newsletter! We now release our newsletter on Thursdays to get a wider reach and give you the ability to engage with us in a better way!

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All About Application Management in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Vadim Vladimirskiy, Nerdio’s CEO, has written a blog post in which he discusses the different ways that you can deploy applications in a WVD Environment. In the post he discusses the pro’s and con’s of each, and then shows the new FSLogix App Masking feature that Nerdio have released into their product. You can read the post here –

IGEL’s Home Office Makeover

IGEL Recently launched a competition where the winner received a $20,000 makeover. In this video they announced the winner and showed how it turned out!


Dynamic AVD host scaling with Nerdio Manager

Toby Skerrit has published a blog post on Dynamic AVD Host Scaling with Nerdio Manager. In the post he explains in detail how Nerdio autoscaling works and then the results of some testing that he did. You can read the full blog post here –

scaling 5

Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class

Microsoft have announced their next Azure Virtual Desktop Master Class event! They haven’t had one of these for a while so it’s really good to see them again! They have many different speakers from Microsoft who can’t wait to share lots of great information 🙂 Sign up and register here –

Distribute OneDrive with Winget and OneDrive best practices automated

Sander Rozemuller has written a blog post in which he shows how you can deploy OneDrive via Winget and configure it with best practices. It’s a pretty in-depth article and a really cool and modern way of deploying software so make sure you check it out! You can read it here –

Using FSLogix with Azure AD Join Storage Accounts

Neil McLoughlin has written a blog post in which he explores the new Azure Files Azure AD Join functionality with FSLogix. In the blog post, Neil deploys it and performs some quick testing. You can read the post here –

Configure FSLogix with Azure AD Join automated

In relation to Neil’s great post, Sander Rozemuller has written a post about how to enroll FSLogix with Azure AD joined VM all automated. He is showing how to deploy all the components, how to grab local domain information, and how to test it at the end. You can read his post here –

Native Azure AD and Kerberos explained

Because this material could be hard to understand, Microsoft employee John Savill explains in a 22-minute recording Azure AD and Kerberos. The recording is stored at YouTube, you can find it here –

Empowering AVD Image deployments with Azure Pipelines and Liquit!

Freek Berson recentyl did a webinar alongside Liquit in which he showed how you can deploy Azure Virtual Desktop images using Liquit and Azure Piplines! It’s a really neat solution so be sure to check out the recording of the video here:

New version of the Windows Desktop Client 1.2.2688

A few days ago a new version of the Windows Desktop Client came available. It has some great improvements at client logging, diagnostics also for Microsoft Teams. For a full overview, check documentation over here –

New version of the Remote Desktop Client for MacOs

Morten Pedholt has reported that there is a new version of the insider build for the Remote Desktop MacOS Client which is 10.7.2 (1965). There are quite a few new features listed.


How to configure automatic Azure Virtual Desktop scaling

Marius Sandbu has written an article for TechTarget on how to configure the new Azure Virtual Desktop scaling capabilities. In the article he discusses the capabilities and then walks through how to configure them. You can read his article here –

AVD cost management with reserved instances or scaling

A big thing in Azure is cost management. Also in AVD, there are manners to save costs. For example with reserved instances or the new scaling solution. Marcel Meurer has written a blog post about what to use when. He shows how he calculated the outcome and shows some graphs to clarify. Check his post here –

Teams WebRTC Service update

The past week the WebRTC service has had some great updates. One of them is a fix for mute notification

Check all the updates here –


Deploy apps in W365 Cloud PC with MEM

The Festive Tech Calendar is running in his second week now. In the fast days, some great content passed also in relation to AVD, M365, and Endpoint Management. Rory Monaghan shows us how to deploy apps in a Windows 365 cloud pc with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Make sure you will check his session here